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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Jan 16th-20th

Weekly Lesson Plans January 16th-20th

Monday- No School

Tuesday- Students will be working with a partner on an activity called Finding the Epicenter of an Earthquake.  Students will calculate the distance from sourrounding seismometers to an earthquake's epicenter, find the location of the epicenter, and explain the relationship between seismic waves and the location of an earthquake's epicenter.  Students should be able to get the activity done in class so they will not have any homework.

Wednesday- Mentoring Day.  Bellringer #28- read "Volcanoes and Humans" page 747 answer question one in your journal.  Students will take notes and have a discussion over Ch 21 S.2 volcanoes.  Homework- Ch 21 S.2 Review questions page 746 #1-8.

Thursday- Bellringer #29 Read "What are rocks good for?" page 755 answer both questions in your journal. Students will watch a 7 minute video clip about Monitoring the Mt. Augestine Volcano. Students will take notes and have discussion over Ch 21 S.3 about Minerals. Homework- a worksheet about Hydrothermal vents and volcanoes and climate change.

Friday- Bellringer #30 How would you characterize a mineral?  Students will watch a 9 minute video clip about how to identify  minerals.  Students can add to their bellringer answer duiring the clip.  Students will take notes and have a discussion over Ch 21 S. 3 Mineral physical properties and Igneous Rocks.  Homework- Asbestos: What are the Risks?

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