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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Jan 9th-13th

Weekly Lesson Plans January 9th-13th

Monday- Bellringer #26 List the 3 layers of the Earth and their temperatures.  Look at page 730. Students will continue to take notes over Chapter 21 about Plate Boundaries.  Homework will be the Chapter 21 Section 1 Review Quesitons on page 737 #1-8.

Tuesday- Bellringer #27 1. What is the Richter Scale? 2. What is the greatest magnitude on the Richter Scale? 3. Where would an earthquake of this magnitude be felt? Students will continue taking notes over Chapter 21 starting Section 2 about Earthquakes.  Homework will be a worksheet about Earthquakes East of the Rockies.

Wednesday- Students will be participating in the Discovery Education Testing that all of the subject areas are required to do. Homework- study for the Chapter 21 vocab quiz.

Thursday- Students will take the Vocab Quiz over the Chapter 21 vocab words.  Then students will watch a video called Smash Lab: Earthquake Proof House. The students will have a worksheet about the video that they will have to complete comparing and contrasting two different houses.

Friday- 11:30 dismissal.  Students will finish watching the Smash Lab: Earthquake Proof House video.  Their questions sheets will be due by the end of the period.

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