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Sir Cyril Herman Hinshelwood

Monday, March 18, 2013

March 18-22

Weekly Lesson Plans March 11th-22nd

Monday- Students will have the entire period to work on their Chapter 11 Study Guide about Motion.  The chapter starts on pg. 365. S.1 is about speed, distance, and time.  S.2 pg 372 is about acceleration.  S.3 pg. 380 is about motion and fundamental forces.  The study guide is due Wednesday the 20th.

Tuesday- Students are going to watch a Mythbusters clip about Free fall and acceleration.  Then they will participate in a Reaction Time Lab. Lab is due on Wednesday.

Wednesday- Students will trade and grade their Ch 11 Study Guide.  Then they will play a review game to get them ready for the test on Friday.

Thursday- Students will take the Discovery Education Science Test.  Then they can review for their Ch 11 Test on Friday.

Friday- Chapter 11 Test.  Extra credit will be given after the test.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March 11-15

Weekly Lesson Plans March 11th-15th

Monday- Students took theirChapter 11 Vocab Quiz.  Then students took notes and had discussion over Ch 11 S.3 about Fundamental Forces.  Students watched a Mythbusters clip about 360 degree motion and whether or not a person on their own can go all the way around on a swing set.  No homework.

Tuesday- Students had the chance to watch two centrapedal demonstrations done by the teacher- one standing and one sitting.  Then they had the chance to try either one if they wanted to.  Then students worked on a Review packet about Chapter 11 S.1 Speed, Distance, Time, S.2 Acceleration and S.3 Fundamental Forces.  Review Packet is due on Wednesday.

Wednesday- Mentoring Day.  Students will watch a clip about how Norway broke the world record for the number of dominoes to be knocked over.  Then they will participate in a lab called Bubble Gum Physics.  Lab is due on Thursday.

Thursday- Students will be trying out a new lab about speed and acceleration with incline planes.

Friday- Half day. Students will be trading and grading the review packet in order to review some of the important concepts from chapter 11. 

Reminder: Students have a test over Chapter 11 on Friday March 22. This will be the first test for 4th quarter.

Monday, March 4, 2013

March 4-8

Weekly Lesson Plans March 4th-8th

Monday- Students will take a Pre Test over Chapter 11 Motion.  Students will complete their Motion on Motion activity that they started on Friday.  The activity is due at the end of the period.  Homework- Chapter 11 Vocab pg. 389 10 words.

Tuesday- BR # 37 1. What is motion?  2. Give three examples of motion.  Students will take notes and have discussion over Chapter 11 S.1.  Homwork: Chapter 11 S.1 Worksheet.

Wednesday- BR # 38 1. Logan rode his bike 60km in 4 hours.  How fast was he going?  2.  Matt rode his bike 90km in 6 hours.  How fast was he going?  3.  Who was the fastest bike rider?  Students will do the Measuring Speed Lab and then work on their homework- speed, distance, and time problems.

Thursday- BR # 39 1. Olivia can pitch a baseball a distance of 50m in 2s.  How fast is her pitch?  2.  How long does it take a bird to fly 200km if it travels ar a speed of 50km/h?  3.  A person in a kayak paddles down river at a average speed of 15km/h.  After 3.25 hours, how far have they traveled?  Students will take notes and have discussion over Chapter 11 S.2.  Homework: Acceleration Practice Problems. 

Friday-  Chapter 11 Vocab Quiz.  Students will have notes and discussion over Chapter 11 S.3 Forces and Friction.  Students will watch a Mythbusters clip about Force and Free Fall.  No homework.