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Monday, March 4, 2013

March 4-8

Weekly Lesson Plans March 4th-8th

Monday- Students will take a Pre Test over Chapter 11 Motion.  Students will complete their Motion on Motion activity that they started on Friday.  The activity is due at the end of the period.  Homework- Chapter 11 Vocab pg. 389 10 words.

Tuesday- BR # 37 1. What is motion?  2. Give three examples of motion.  Students will take notes and have discussion over Chapter 11 S.1.  Homwork: Chapter 11 S.1 Worksheet.

Wednesday- BR # 38 1. Logan rode his bike 60km in 4 hours.  How fast was he going?  2.  Matt rode his bike 90km in 6 hours.  How fast was he going?  3.  Who was the fastest bike rider?  Students will do the Measuring Speed Lab and then work on their homework- speed, distance, and time problems.

Thursday- BR # 39 1. Olivia can pitch a baseball a distance of 50m in 2s.  How fast is her pitch?  2.  How long does it take a bird to fly 200km if it travels ar a speed of 50km/h?  3.  A person in a kayak paddles down river at a average speed of 15km/h.  After 3.25 hours, how far have they traveled?  Students will take notes and have discussion over Chapter 11 S.2.  Homework: Acceleration Practice Problems. 

Friday-  Chapter 11 Vocab Quiz.  Students will have notes and discussion over Chapter 11 S.3 Forces and Friction.  Students will watch a Mythbusters clip about Force and Free Fall.  No homework. 

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