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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March 11-15

Weekly Lesson Plans March 11th-15th

Monday- Students took theirChapter 11 Vocab Quiz.  Then students took notes and had discussion over Ch 11 S.3 about Fundamental Forces.  Students watched a Mythbusters clip about 360 degree motion and whether or not a person on their own can go all the way around on a swing set.  No homework.

Tuesday- Students had the chance to watch two centrapedal demonstrations done by the teacher- one standing and one sitting.  Then they had the chance to try either one if they wanted to.  Then students worked on a Review packet about Chapter 11 S.1 Speed, Distance, Time, S.2 Acceleration and S.3 Fundamental Forces.  Review Packet is due on Wednesday.

Wednesday- Mentoring Day.  Students will watch a clip about how Norway broke the world record for the number of dominoes to be knocked over.  Then they will participate in a lab called Bubble Gum Physics.  Lab is due on Thursday.

Thursday- Students will be trying out a new lab about speed and acceleration with incline planes.

Friday- Half day. Students will be trading and grading the review packet in order to review some of the important concepts from chapter 11. 

Reminder: Students have a test over Chapter 11 on Friday March 22. This will be the first test for 4th quarter.

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