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Classroom Rules

Mrs. Stalling’s Class Room Rules & Procedures

A. Supplies
            1. Lined paper
            2. One notebook for a Journal
            3. 1 ½ inch three ring binder
            4. Writing utensils (pen or pencil)
            5. Textbook
B. Classroom Guidelines
1. Be respectful of all people in the room as well as of materials and any
 animals that we may have in our classroom.
            2. Follow the Student Handbook Rules.
            3. Bring your supplies to class everyday.  Random checks for points will happen.
            4. Listen carefully the first time directions are given.
            5. Be in your seat and have everything ready when the bell rings. You will be
            considered tardy if you are not in your seat when the bell rings.
            6. No food or drinks allowed in class.
            7. Clean up after yourself.
            8. Push in your chairs every time you leave them.
C. Grading Scale
            All work, including tests, quizzes and labs, drawings, and journals will be given a point value, with a letter grade applied to your total compared to the total number of points possible at the end of each quarter.
90%-100%                  A
80%-89%                    B
70%-79%                    C
60%-69%                    D
59% and below           F
D. Late Work
            You are in High School and you need to be responsible.  There will be no late work accepted in my class.  I do understand that sometimes you have a legitimate reason why you do not have your assignment.  For this reason, each student will be given one late pass per quarter.  A student must fill out the late pass, attach it to the late assignment and turn it in the day after the assignment was due for credit.  If this rule is followed no points will be taken off of the assignment.  Some assignments are not accepted for use with the late pass (if you have had several days to work on it).
E. Make-up Work
            1. Assignments with a pre-announced due date are DUE on that date, if you are
 going to be absent, make arrangements for your work to be delivered to
 the school or via e-mail.
            2. If you are absent, you must see me prepared with all assignments that were due
 during your absence and to pick up missed work.  You must come and
 see Mrs. Stallings on your first day back to school in order to pick-up
 make up work.  She will not come find you to give you missed work.
3. If you are absent on a TEST DAY, you are expected to be ready to take the test
 upon your return. Any test or quiz that is not made up within 5
 calendar school days will receive a credit of zero.
F. Binders
            Binders will be graded once a quarter and will represent one test grade.  Your binder should contain the following in chronogogical order: notes, assignments, and handouts.  All students need to acquire one three ring binder.  If you are not able to acquire this binder please contact me before the end of the first week of school.
G. Journals (notebooks)
            Journals will be graded once a quarter and will represent one test grade.  You will write a journal entry almost every day.  Each entry needs to have the Bellringer number, the question/s and the answer to the question/s.  Each entry will be worth 5-10 points.  If your journal is not in a notebook points will be taken off.  Please see me if you cannot get a notebook.
H. Classroom Point System- Three strikes and your out
            1. Be respectful
                        a. acceptable language
                        b. respect of property
                        c. follow the teacher or substitute’s instructions
            2. Be a contributing member of class
                        a. materials, book, and homework ready
                        b. participate in class activities
                        c. raise your hand to speak
                        d. be on task- working on assigned topics when instructed
                        e. no plagiarism or cheating (zero on assignments) written assignments
 will be submitted to:
                        f. insubordination may result in being sent to the office and points doubled
                        g. be fully aware of building and grounds rules.
                        h. you are here to learn not sleep, no sleeping
I. Hall Passes
            There will be no passes out of my classroom unless you are called to the office or you are bleeding.  You need to use the bathroom between classes and you need to bring everything with you to class.  There will be no passes to your locker.  If you forget something in your locker you may take a tardy to go get it.
J. Cell Phone Policy
            Since it is the school policy that all phones should be turned off, there should not be any reason for you to open, touch, or play with your phone. If you are caught with your phone being on/texting/etc, your phone will be taken away from you and you will receive 10 points and a detention. 

I reserve the right to give points and or other punishments for conduct not mentioned above, if the learning environment becomes disrupted (that includes not brining your materials to class.  You will receive one warning and then points will be assigned).  All school rules regarding tardies, dress code, and 8 day absence will be followed