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Sir Cyril Herman Hinshelwood

Monday, April 30, 2012

April 30-May 4

Weekly Lesson Plans April 30th-May 4th

Monday- Journals are due #35-47. Students need to bring all of their papers to class from second semester.  I will give students their binder order sheet.  They will have the entire class period to work on getting their papers in order.  Binders are 140points due Thursday.

Tuesday- Students will watch an episode of Unchained Reaction.  Unchianed Reaction is a show on teh Discovery Channel hosted by the Mythbusters.  They give two teams a challenge to build a Rube Goldberg Machine that does a specific task and goes with a specific theme. 

Wednesday-Students will start watching October Sky.   According to Wikipedia, October Sky is a 1999 American biographical film. It is based on the true story of Homer Hickam, a coal miner's son who was inspired by the launch of Sputnik 1 to take up rocketry against his father's wishes, and who eventually became a NASA engineer.  The video is very inspirational and documents an important part of American History.

Thursday- Binders are due in order.  Students will continue watching October Sky.

Friday- Half day. Students will finish October Sky and turn in their video sheet.

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