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Sir Cyril Herman Hinshelwood

Monday, April 23, 2012

April 16-20

Weekly Lesson Plans April 16th-20th

Monday- Students will have 5 minutes to study for tehir Chapter 13 Vocab Quiz.  Students will take their Vocab Quiz.  Students will take notes and have a discussion over Chapter 13 S.4 Conservation and Tranfromation of Energy.  Homework- Chapter 13 S.4 Review Questions #1-9 pg. 461

Tuesday- Bellringer #46 Students will identify the units for the following: Speed, Distance, Time, Acceleration, Momentum, Work, Power, Energy, Force, Weight, Efficiency, and Mechanical Advantage. Students will have the rest of hte period to work on their Chapter 13 Study Guide.

Wednesday- Students will trade and grade the Ch 13 Study Guide and then play the Game Show Review.

Thursday- Chapter 13 Test.  An extra credit puzzle was handed out after the test.  Students were told that this would be the last extra credit assignment.

Friday- Students watched the Mythbusters Young Scientists Challenege Video and filled out a video sheet.  The three myths reviewed several concepts that we covered this semester: Are electric cars sluggish? Do Carbon Dioxide and Methane emissions increase temperature (are they speeding up/causing global warming)? and Do cows cause calamity for the environment (what can we harvest the methane they produce to run machines like lawn mowers or entire farms?).

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