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Sir Cyril Herman Hinshelwood

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March 19-23

Weekly Lesson Plans March 19th-23rd

Monday- Bellringer #38 Read "How do air bags work?" pg. 399 Answer both questions in your journal.  Students will take notes over Chapter 12 S.1 about Newton's 1st and 2nd law of motion.  Students will learn how to calculate force, mass, and acceleration problems.  Homework- Worksheet with the chapter 12 vocab and force, mass, acceleration practice problems.

Tuesday- Bellringer #39 Read "Black Holes" pg.411 answer question 1 in your journal.  Students will take notes and have discussion over Chapter 12 S.2 about gravity.  Homework- Concept Review for S.1 and S.2

Wednesday- Bellringer #40 Students will be figuring out their weight on Earth, Venus, and Mars.  Students will watch several clips about Newton's 1st and 2nd laws of motion.  Students will take notes over Section 3 Newton's third law.  Homework will be the concept review for S.3 and momentum practice problems.

Thursday- Students will watch a clip about Newton's Third Law.  Then they will complete a lab in class about Projectile Motion.

Friday- 11:30 dismissal.  Students will take their Chapter 12 Vocab quiz.  Their APA paper is due a paper copy to me and a copy uploaded to  Students will get to demonstrate several activities about Newton's laws.

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