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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Chapter 12

Chapter 12 p.394

Chapter 12 Overview
This chapter covers Newton's first and second laws of motion, including problem solving with the second law.  It also discussess the law of universal gravitation, free fall, and projectile motion.  Finally, the chapter explores Newton's third law of motion and also covers momentum.

Chapter 12 Goals Studetns will be able to explain:
Section1. Newton's First and Second Laws
1. What makes an object speed up, slopw down, or change direction?
2. What determines how much an object speeds up or slows down?

Section 2.Gravity
1. How are weight and mass related?
2. WHy do objects fall to the ground when dropped?
3. What is the relationship between free fall acceleration and mass?
4. Why does a projectile follow a curved path?

Section 3. Newton's Third Law
1. What happens when an object exerts a force on another object?
2. How do you calculate the momentum of an object?
3. What is the total momentum after objects collide?

Chapter 12 Vocab
Free Fall
Terminal Velocity
Projectile Motion

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