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Monday, March 31, 2014

March 24-28

Weekly Lesson Plans March 24th-28th

Monday- Students have the opportunity to participate in a centripetal acceleration demo.  Then students are working on a Chapter 11 Review packet to help review all of the key concepts from Chapter 11.

Tuesday- Students will complete the Bubble Gum Lab.  Students will be working with a partner to determine what their average chomp speed is for five trials and then for one minute.

Wednesday-Students will complete the Reaction Time Lab.  They will calculate reaction time by using falling distance data, compare reaction times measured by using a stopwatch with reaction times calculated from falling distance data, and evaluate the methods used to determine reaction time in the experiment.

Thursday- Students have the entire class period to work on their Chapter 11 Study Guide that reviews Motion, Acceleration, and Fundamental Forces.

Friday- Trade and grade the Chapter 11 Study Guide.

Important: Test on Monday!

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