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Monday, February 24, 2014

Feb 24-28

Weekly Lesson Plans February 24th-28th

Monday- Chapter 21 Test.  Extra Credit will be available after the test, due Tuesday.

Tuesday- BR # 35 1. Which layer of the atmosphere is the lowest? 2. Which layer of the atmosphere is the farthest away? 3. Which layer of the atmosphere is the coldest?  Students will take notes over Chapter 22 S.1 Characteristics of the Atmosphere.  Homework: Chapter 21 S.1 Review Questions pg. 780 #1-7

Wednesday- Students will have a 10 question quiz over the main points of the Chapter 21 S.1 notes.  Then students will participate in an activity where they will be graphing temperatures of the atmosphere and dividing their graph into the main parts of the atmosphere.  Homework: Finish graph/questions

Thursday- BR #36 Read Harnessing the Wind pg. 788 answer question 2 in your journal.  Students will watch a short clip about how wind energy affects bats.  Students will take notes and have discussion over Chapter 22 S.2 Water and Wind. Homework: Chapter 22 S.2 Review Questions pg. 787 #1-7.

Friday- Students are going to participate in the Greenhouse Effect Lab.  They will be collecting data in a table and then using that table to create a graph. Lab due Monday. While students were working on collecting data for their lab they defined the Chapter 22 Vocab words (15 words) pg. 773.

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