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Monday, September 30, 2013

Sep 30-Oct 4

Weekly Lesson Plans September 30th - October 4th

Monday- students have a Chapter 3 Vocab Quiz.  Then students will work on their Chapter 3 Study Guide for the rest of the period.  Study Guide is due Thursday.

Tuesday- Students will work on their Boiling Lab in which they will be taking the temperature of water every 5 minutes until the water boils and then they will be graphing their data in a line graph.

Wednesday- BR#13 Predict what will happen to the volume of a balloon left on a sunny window sill.  What gas law predicts this result?   Students are continuting to work on their Lab.  Today they are doing Section 2 Freezing Lab. Students are testing their hypothesis by measuring the temperature of water as it boils and freezes.  Students will graph their boiling and freezing data.  Labs are due tomorrow.

Thursday- Students will trade and grade their Study Guides.  Then they will play the Game show Review to review the Chapter 3 material for the test tomorrow.

Friday- Chapter 3 Test.  There will be extra credit for students to work on when they are done with the test due Monday.

Important Date: October 10th I will be collecting students journals for the first quarter.  Students should have Bellringers #1-16. If a student has been absent they need to get the missing bellringers from a classmate or from the blog.

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