Science is an imaginative adventure of the mind seeking truth in a world of mystery.
Sir Cyril Herman Hinshelwood

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nov. 12-15

Weekly Lesson Plans November 12th-15th

Monday- BR # 23 Read "We're All Stars" on pg. 714 and answer questions 1 and 2 in your journal.  Students will take notes and have discussion over Ch 20 S.3 about the future of our universe.  Homework: Define the 3 vocab words on page 708 and do the S.3 Review Questions pg.717 Questions #1-8.

Tuesday- Students in 2nd and 3rd hour will be taking the PLAN test.  Students in 5th-8th hours will be watching a History Channel presentation about The Most Dangerous Objects in the Universe: Magnetars, Black Holes, and Quasars.

Wednesday- BR # 24 pg. 720 Do numbers 1 and 2.  Make sure to answer all parts of the question.  Students will take the Ch 20 Vocab Quiz and have the rest of the period to work on their Ch 20 Study Guide (due tomorrow)

Thursday- Students will trade and grade the study guide and then play the game show review.

Friday- Chapter 20 Test.  There will be extra credit avaliable after the test. 

Reminder: Studetns are to bring all of hteir Science papers and their Binder to class next Tuesday the 20th.

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